Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Preschool is held throughout the year at Merimbula Vet Clinic.


Between eight and sixteen weeks of age, puppies develop very quickly and this is the perfect time for them to learn.  Puppy Pre-School is designed to take advantage of this optimal learning period in a supervised environment that is clean and safe.

Puppy Pre-School is a fun and interactive 3 consecutive weekly training course that covers puppy behaviour, diet, health, grooming, exercise and play, with an emphasis on socialisation, command training, health and care.


Our aim is to teach you positive ways to train your puppy in basic skills and how to walk well on a lead.  And also how to control your puppy’s not so desirable behaviours like toileting inside, biting, mouthing and separation anxiety.

Puppy Pre-School can help support you in raising your pup by providing positive early play experiences and offering timely advice.

We also hold adolescent classes for slightly older dogs who also need the group classes and commands.

Puppy and Adolescent classes $70
Classes run for 3 consecutive weeks

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